Democratization of Data and Content

Oh boy, so much fuzz about the term and the underlying concepts that it is hard to get ground under the feet in the swell of arguments going back and forth.
Here is one view from Hal Varian, which is – small wonder – pro. Indeed he is right when he says that IT has allowed users access to data in a way that was not thought possible or affordable not so long ago. What he doesn’t say is that mom’s and pop’s data are just crumbs from the Google data monopoly pie.

Here’s another opinion that runs more in the vein of Andrew Keen, famed for The Cult of the Amateur. Although slightly more balanced the interest is clear in this case, too.

Any preliminary conclusion is that we have entered the age of random proliferation of data and what we need more than ever are sharp senses for the cui bono and sound judgement. So what’s new?

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